Aikikai Aikido

Baltimore Aikido Academy LogoThe Baltimore Aikido Academy offers instruction in Aikikai style Aikido. The dojo is under the instruction of 6th degree black belt Dr. Scott Sobel and is part of Aikido of Hawaii International. Feel free to stop by our dojo to watch a practice session and inquire about training with us. New comers are welcome to participate in a practice session at no charge to see if they are interested in joining.

We also offer an Aikido kids program which meets 3 days a week starting at 6 pm! The age range is 7-12 and all levels of skill are welcome. Please contact us if you are interested in registering your child!

Aikido Practice Schedule

Tuesday6:00pm-7:00pmKids Aikido (Weapons)
Tuesday7:00pm-8:00pmAll Ranks
Wednesday6:00pm-7:00pmKids Aikido
Thursday6:00pm-7:00pmKids Aikido
Thursday7:00pm-8:00pmAll Ranks